Concert Tokyo "Seen and heard"

As the first measures of Beethoven´s "Leonore" 3 ouverture sounded, I knew I was in for a treat. The Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra rarely disapoints, and it sang under the baton of the Danish conductor Niels Muus........The canonic entries of the strings towards the end had me feeling that I was hearing Szell conducting the Cleveland.
The evening ended with a rousing "Der Rosenkavalier" Suite. The orchestra and Maestro Muus were apparently in full Strauss mode because their performance were full of opulent sounds and carefully phrased gestures. The hall was filled with warmth. Twenty minutes flew by in total engagement, and the bittersweet feeling of the music was appropriate in that I was not ready for the evening to end. Alas.


DVD L'elisir d'amore "Opernwelt"

Der Dirigent Niels Muus erspürt nicht nur den Witz in Donizetti`s Partitur, sondern auch das tiefere Gefühl, eben die "furtiva lagrima".


Concert Washington D.C. "danceviewtimes" .

Riding the music with flair and eliciting nuanced phrasing, Muus was the evening`star and turned the concert into a true celebration.


Aida "China.Daily"

On par with these visuals is conductor Niels Muus`s first class performance of the popular "Grand March", the familiar song of people in praise of their country, with the powerful 250-member-chorus made up of choirs from the China Central Opera House, China Opera and Ballet Theatre, the China Broadcasting Orchestra, the Central Ensemble of Traditional Chinese Music and the Beijing Festival Choir and a 150-member orchestra made up of the Central Opera House Orchestra and the Beijing Symphony Orchestra.


Concert Steyr "Kronenzeitung"

In musikalischen Bereich servierten Sabaini`s "Harmonices Mundi" unter Niels Muus klangliche Idealwerte.


Don Giovanni Steyr "Kronenzeitung"

Niels Muus beherrscht Mozarts Musik wie seine Muttersprache – mit allen dynamischen, agogischen und ausdruckbezogenen Finessen....


La Clemenza di Tito, Oberlin "Donald Rosenberg,The Plain Dealer"

Mozart`s imperfect "La clemenza di Tito" beautifully performed in Oberlin....Mozart´s score sounded stylish and nuanced under guest conductor Niels Muus, who shaped an account marked by elastic tempos, articulation and keen balances. The Oberlin Chamber Orchestra played with superb cohesion and personality.


Rusalka, Moscow "Opera"

Niels Muus conducted with a fine feeling for the score´s colouristic charm and for the poignant simplicity of the final scene.


Falstaff, Rovigo "L`Opera"

Dal podio Niels Muus ha dipanato una narrazione esuberante e scorrevole, che non ha perso di vista la rincorsa al rapido "moto moleculare" della partitura, nè i rimandi al classicismo viennese.


L'elisir d'amore, Macerata "L`Opera"

Macerata: brilla sopratutto la bella edizione de L´elisir d´amore.


Concert, Los Angeles " OperaOnline"

One of the highlights of the evening was the Strauss Symphony of America under the baton of conductor and pianist Niels Muus. The orchestra bellowed through the hall with vivid, colorful sound, especially the strings. Muus was instrumental in drawing out these musicians, at times almost teasing them,enticing them to play with quiet reserve, then egging them on into a full-blown majestic grandeur.


CD -Wien, Stadt meiner Träume "Jyllandsposten"

On this new CD, the conductor Niels Muus has recorded a selection of some of the most well known music from Vienna – perhaps more authentic and "wienerisch" than many of the "New Years Concerts" with the Vienna Philharmonic.


CD-Wien, Stadt meiner Träume "CDJournal, Japan"

The chamber orchestra resonate with well blended individual instruments, and with their perfectly natural Wiener waltz rhythms one cannot avoid swinging along as you listen to them.